What to do in Georgia



Georgia is charming and attractive at any time of year and at any weather conditions. It is very difficult to say which season is the most suitable for visiting Georgia since each of them has something to impress you with.
If you go there in summer, start your adventure in Tbilisi. It offers music and dance performances, folk art, cultural events, food festivals, good wines and a great atmosphere - all in one.


If you want to learn something about the historic side of the city, the best choice would certainly be Narikala Fortress from the top of which, you can see the whole city. Sulfur baths near the fortress make it even more attractive to the tourists who like the oriental style. Many famous people visited these baths. Alexandre Dumas, the French writer was among them, while Alexander Pushkin went so far as to mention them in one of his books. 
The capital of Georgia, Tbilisi, derived its name from a warm sulfur spring. The streets and lanes of the city were named after the famous people who visited the city at least once, although many of them were its regular visitors.
An area of the city called a "Small Piece of Europe", Rustaveli Avenue, is known for the alluring aroma of hot cinnamon pastry. Spicy food can also be tasted at almost every corner of this area.

Wine has a special place in Georgian life. Historians claim that Georgia is among the most ancient regions in the world known for winemaking. Eastern parts of the country are full of wineries which offer you to taste and buy a very good wine. The best-know wine brand is Saperavi.


Mountain landscapes, which cover two thirds of the country, are on every postcard portraying Georgia. As such, this country is a real challenge for archeologists.



Georgia is also a ski-destination. Gudauri is the most popular and the best equipped ski resort with a thick snow layer without stones, while Tbilisi is to become a well-known ski center. Snowboarding in Gudauri is also a frequent scene. Georgian mountains are often compared to the Alps. The fresh air of the mountain brought many settlers to the mountain villages. Ushguli is the highest village in Europe located at about 2,200 meters above the sea level. Georgia is the land of wooden churches and high towers.


Georgia is also a sea country. If you prefer seashore to mountains, Batumi with its pebble beaches is the best place for you. It seems Georgia is the land of contrast although mountains prevail. Caucasian slopes are stunning, especially in spring. The site of small wooden houses, colorful flowers scattered all over the green pastures against the snowy summits which seem to reach the sky, is unforgettable.


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