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Indonesia is a land of mystery. Its breathtaking tropical forests, virgin rainforests and volcanoes hide many secrets that are still beyond reach. Its volcanoes are situated on distant islands, so it's very difficult to access them.

According to Indonesians, their land is the country of the eighth wonder of the world, also known as a symphony in stone. Borobudur is the largest Buddhist temple complex in the world. It is located on the island of Java. This temple resembles a large pyramid. It is a hill covered with stone blocks. Borobudur is the very philosophy of Buddhism set in stone. The nine tiers of the temple symbolize the stages a person has to pass through to be saved. This is also the way to purify the soul and reach nirvana - absolute peace and tranquility.A very strong earthquake damaged this temple but it was renewed soon after. Today it's a place of pilgrimage.

Another reason to visit Indonesia, are its volcanoes. The islands of Indonesia have about 500 volcanoes. Half of them are active but only 79 of them are frequently active. 30 volcanoes erupt regularly. Bromo is the most famous volcano on Java. Bromo's landscapes attract the attention of the tourists from all over the world. Its crater is accessible but not all the tourists visiting it, dare climb it.





Merbabu-Merapi is another active volcano in Indonesia. It's one of the most dangerous volcanoes on the planet. Each time it erupts, it covers the land with lava and ash. On of the most unusual volcanoes is Kelimutu. It is situated on the island of Flores. It has three crater lakes of three different colors.


Flora and fauna of Indonesia may also be the reason for visiting this wonderful country. Some rare flowers grow in the mysterious forests of Sumatra. Crystal clear mountain lakes and waterfalls with strange plants and animals make this land magnificent. Some plants thriving in this climate are enormous.





Scientists consider the jungles of Borneo as the most untouched places on the Earth. Lavang Valley is the oldest wildlife park in Indonesia. There you can see many animals on the verge of extinction. There are many tribes in Indonesia. About a million indigenous people still go hunting as the only way to survive. Their ritual dances are a true attraction to the tourists. Those indigenous people are usually friendly and create a warm welcome by trying to demonstrate as many skills as they can. There is no reason to be afraid of them. They'll show you their battle trophies - the skulls of their enemies, but those skulls are over three centuries old so it was probably their ancestors who killed those people. The members of the Dayak, a well-know tribe all over the world, are famous for tattooing skills. The newest registered tribe on the territory of Indonesia is the tribe of Papuas. Nearly 3000 people belong to this tribe. Their food is the meat of wild animals, but they also eat leaves.


Indonesia is great in its diversity and you'll miss a lot if you skip it in your itinerary.


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