Ukrainian national cuisine

Ukrainian cuisine has a long history and is famous for its variety. There are hundreds of recipes in traditional cuisine. Some dishes have centuries-old tradition, and the example of this is renowned Ukrainian borsch. Traditional dishes are usually made of many ingredients, and in case of borsch there are more than 20. Various methods of preparation are also combined for a single dish – boiling, roasting, stewing, and baking. All those factors create unique taste, aroma, and succulence of Ukrainian cooked dishes.

The first place among the first courses (and appetizers) belongs to borsch, and this dish really deserves it. There are almost 30 variants of borsch depending on the region where it is prepared. Pork is the most popular type of meat, and then come beef and poultry. Meat is prepared in different ways and the most popular are roasted and stewed meat. The following dishes are frequently prepared: holubtsy (stuffed cabbage rolls), Ukrainian cutlets, pork stewed with cabbage and fat, kruchenyky, etc. Meat is often used as an ingredient for the first courses. Fish has always had an important place in Ukrainian cuisine. Favorite dishes are crucian carp roasted in sour cream, pike cooked with horseradish, carp cooked with onions and sour cream. Flour dishes are regularly present on the dining table: vakenyky, halushky, pancakes, babky. Different kinds of porridges are also part of Ukrainian tradition. Among the most popular are: boiled millet, buckwheat gruel, pumpkin porridge, which are eaten with milk, sour cream or sunflower oil with roasted onion.

When it comes to sweets, Ukrainian cuisine relies on ingredients such as: various kinds of fruit, nuts, honey, and poppy. Milk is one of the most typical drinks, and there are various ways for its preparation. Uzvar, a drink made of cooked fruit is very popular. Alcoholic beverages are part of tradition, and an integral part of holiday menu. Honey vodka with pepper is especially notable because of its peculiar aroma.


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