T.A.L. Centar

TAL Centar studio rooms are located in downtown of Novi Sad, in pedestrian zone, on the corner of streets "Zmaj Jovina" and "Dunavska" , the most beautiful and prestigious streets in city of Novi Sad, the center of all cultural and social events. Rooms are located in hundred years old passage 23.

Smestaj u Novom Sadu

All rooms are two beds, with bathrooms, kitchen, air-condition, plasma TV with cable network, and also wireless access points to the internet, which makes them ideal both for those who need a quiet place for rest as well as for businessmen who need to be always in touch with latest occurrences.

There is also a public garage in the nearby where you can safely park your car, and also in the nearby, is "The Danube Park" oasis in the urban city downtown, and only 300 meters from the river Danube and Port of Novi Sad.


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