It extends between the Danube and the Tisa river and on its territory there are two very interesting cities for tourists – Novi Sad Discover Serbia - Backaand Subotica. A few kilometers from Subotica, Lake Palicko (Palićko jezero) is situated – an old famous centre with numerous cultural and entertaining events, and very near to it is Lake Ludosko (Ludoško jezero), famous for its untouched nature.

The uniqueness of Backa (Bačka) are the old castles - Fantast, Celarevo(Čelarevo) and farms, which today function as restaurants or hotels. A very popular holiday area Zobnatica is on the way Novi Sad – Subotica. It is well - known for its horse farm, hunting and fishing. On a tourist map, two spas have found their place - spa Junakovic (Junakovič) and spa Kaniza (Kanjiža).

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