Old crafts in Serbia



Old crafts represent, in some form, also an art of its own. Craftsmen used to make their products themselves from the beginning till the end. For some of these skills creativity was important, one should have been able to harmonize colours and make forms. That was the reason why a craft had to be learnt for years. But with the development of industry in production of one product there are many workers involved. Each is taught only for one segment of production which requires much less knowledge, and with that cheaper labour force. Under the influence of mass production, old crafts have been disappearing slowly, and along with them, the basis of human ethnographic treasure which constantly shows the world our ancestors had lived in.  In striving for preservation of this treasure, in the last few years numerous societies, which revive these almost vanished skills, have been founded.


Rural tourism can be useful if one wants to learn something. So, in some villages, besides primary tourist offer, there are courses of various crafts where you can learn the skill of processing of pottery, wood, preparing of old forgotten dishes…The prices of courses differ but in average they are around 20 euros.



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