Villages were from beginning the foundations of Serbia. During the 500 year long Ottoman occupation Serbian people lived mostly in the villages, mountains and remote places. Until 50 years ago Serbia was mostly farmer's land. Thus is not possible to understand Serbia or love Serbia if you don't get to know its countryside.

Rural tourism in Serbia officially exists from 1933 when the first group of 120 tourists visited Ivanjica. Today this region of western Serbia has the most developed tourist offer: Zlatibor, Tara, Zlatar and Drina. Rural tourism has been developed in the villages Brzece on Kopaonik, Jezevica near Pozega, Stanisnica on Goč and Krusic on Javor Mountain. Even eastern Serbia started to organize to a greater extent households that can offer vacation in the rural and bucolic environment mostly on the mountain Stara Planina (Old Mountain).

The way of life in the villages did not change a lot and is still unperturbed by the modern way of life. Visitors can enjoy clean air, long walks through the beautiful landscapes, horseback riding, calm and relaxation, ancient monasteries, pure springs and waterfalls, rich home-made cooking with old, almost forgotten dishes, learning of old artisan crafts and all that a modern man needs, so a man can have rest and recover his strength and put himself together again.

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