Ada Safari

Ada Safari is a small, irregularly shaped lake on the Ada Ciganlija. It is situated just 5 km away from downtown from the center of Belgrade. It was the last remaining marshy area in that section of the island, overgrown by undergrowth and reeds. The lake has approximate area of 6 hectares. Average depth of lake is 2m

Rare and capital species of fish were introduced using the strictly controlled quality selection. Intended for the sports fishing, there are 300 numbered fishing seats around the lake with obligatory special permit for fishing in Ada Safari. Fish species include common carp, grass carp and crucian carp. Here it is possible to catch a fish up to 6 kilos. Small zoo is built next to the lake which mainly includes swamp birds like ducks and swans, but also peacocks and pygmy goats.

There is a restaurant which retains the idyll of old Serbian household with its architecture, interior, exterior and also a dish, drink and music selection.


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