Kragujevac is, because of many facts, the first city in Serbia: the first capital city of new Serbia, the first theatre (1835), the first court (1820), the first grammar school (1833), the first newspapers and the first electric-power station. The city got its name by a bird kraguj from a family of hawks, which was used for hunting in the Middle ages. Written documents- Turkish account books were the first place where they were mentioned, at the end of XV century. Till the liberation in 1815, Turks had represented the majority in the city. Today, Kragujevac has approximately 180 000 inhabitants.


The only preserved building of the dukes complex of the capital Kragujevac, is Amidzin palace. It was built for the royal staff in 1824. One of the most beautiful building in Kragujevac is the building of the first grammar school. The building was finished in 1887 and the project for it had been previously done in Vienna. In this new building, previously founded oldest grammar school in Serbia was placed .The educational process was done in Serbian language. Other historic monuments worth mentioning are The Old church built by duke Milos in 1818. Near to it, in a churchyard, a building of the old assembly where important meetings had been held, up to 1878.

A few kilometers from the city, by the road to Gornji Milanovac, there is a big park and a lake Sumarice with arranged bathrooms.

Belgrade 140 km


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