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There are not many lakes in Serbia, but every lake is unique in its own way. They are excellent choice for a holiday.

Travel Serbia - Perucac lakePalić Lake – guests can enjoy in sailing, fishing, bicycle riding and in other numerous activities and manifestations. It has the two centuries long touristic tradition. Accommodations can be found in private houses and hotels.

One of the most beautiful lakes is Perucac, the artificial lake on river Drina. The lake is uncontaminated and you can swim in its clear and pure water. There are also mountains Tara and Zlatibor.

Vlasina Lake - situated in the south-eastern Serbia, on 1200 m height above sea level, surrounded by flourishing nature - is for those who seek peaceful and calm holiday. Accommodations can be found in hotels, camping places Travel Serbia - Vlasina lakeand in private houses.

Because of excavation of grit near Bela Crkva, underground waters have created 7 lakes. Two of them are arranged and set for tourists and the rest are intact.  

The Silver Lake (Srebrno jezero) near Veliko Gradiste, with its large touristic complex and many cultural and historical monuments in vicinity, is one of the favourite holiday destinations.



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