Griffon vulture

Griffon vulture is one of the largest birds that live on the territory of Serbia. With its weight between 6 and 11 kg, length from 95 up to 110 cm and wingspan up to 280 cm, it is extremely impressive. Its food is dead animals, especially muscles and intestines, so it has a very significant role in natural food chain since it prevents spreading of epidemics.

They build their nests mostly on cliffs, in groups, rarely individually. Female carries one egg and there is a period of 50 days for a baby bird to hatch. Young stay 4 to 6 months in a nest, and they start mating at the age of five. They can live up to 40 years. Male and female are very similar physically.

Beloglavi supovi

Beloglavi supovi

Beloglavi supovi

Using air currents and thanks to their aerodynamic body, they can fly very long without using their wings. They have an extraordinary sense of sight.

Griffon vulture is one very sociable bird. Besides having nests in colonies they show their need for company when it comes to food also. They are monogamous- they stay with one partner until the rest of their lives.


Orlovi lesinari

Beloglavi supovi

Griffon vulture is an endangered species, not only in Serbia but also in other parts of the world. Significant colonies can be found in Spain and Greece (Crete). Until recently, they faced the extinction in Serbia, but with the appropriate protection, they have been saved and every year their number is growing. They can be found in a canyon of Uvac, while smaller colonies can be found in a canyon of Tresnjice.

*Photos: Jaroslav Pap


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