Wine route

Wine road or vine tourism is a specific kind of a holiday combining the wine tasting of a certain area with natural beauties, customs, and cultural and historic monuments of that area. The science dealing with the research and manufacturing of wine is called enology so that this kind of tourism is frequently called enological tourism.

The beginnings of wine growing on the territory of Serbia is connected to a Roman tsar Probe who had allowed that grapevines of high-quality could be grown outside the territory of today’s Italy. Tsar Probe on Fruska Gora planted the first high quality grapevine. The first Serbian rulers continued the tradition. There are saved documents testifying that the laws existed for the quality of wine. It not well known that tsar Dusan had built 25 km long wine lines through which the wine from his vineyards had been delivered to capital Prizren.

Main grapevine regions in Serbia are in Sumadija and around Velika Morava river, in Timok region, Srem with Fruska Gora, Pocer and Banat.


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