The largest aquarium that can be found in Serbia is situated inside the campus of the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics in Kragujevac. In it, one can see fishes of the Balkan land waters (trout, barbell, pike, perch, catfish…) and of tropical waters (scalars, piranha, discuss...), amphibians (frogs and salamanders), reptiles (turtles and snakes), and invertebrates (wood pigeons, leeches, crawfishes…).

The most interesting fish that can be seen is a piranha carnivorous and a very rear and endangered African two – breathing which represents a transitional shape between fish and amphibians, which can be seen the way it looks: it has so called primitive legs ,that is, rudimentary flappers which are neither that nor legs. It got its name due to its way of breathing. When it hasn’t got enough oxygen in the water, it comes to the surface and breath. It can live long, from 35 up to 40 years.

Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
(near The Big park)


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