Lukovska Banja

Lukovska Banja spa is situated in the south of Serbia. This is the spa of highest altitude in Serbia (681 m), which makes it the fresh air resort as well.
There are number sports facilities in the spa, such as outdoor sports fields, sand pitches for handball and volleball, sports hall for hand ball, volleyball, basketball.

Picnic: St. Mina Church in the village of Stava (5 km from Lukovska Banja) was built between 1614 and 1647 of trimmed stone blocks, covered by stone slabs. St. George Church in Lukovska Banja Spa is located on the excellent sightseeing location called Nenadov Kamen (975 m of altitude). 63 km from Lukovska Banja Spa is placed the unique natural monument “Devils' Town”.

Indications: Chronic inflammations – rheumatic diseases (rheumatic arthritis without clinical signs of acute inflammation), degenerative spinal diseases, post traumatic.

There are and private accommodation and hotels with medical departments in Lukovska Banja.

Belgrade 297 km
Nis 101 km
Krusevac 107 km
Kopaonik 99 km


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