Nis (Niš)

Nis is situated on the banks of the river Nisava, first where Roman Naissus had been, and later where Byzantine Nysos was. It is believed that present names are of a city and a river is just adjusting of the old names to Slavonic language. In Naissus was born one of the most significant Roman emperors, tsar Constantine who had recognized Christianity as a religion by an edict. From that period is an archeological site Mediana, which represented an elite area of Naissus.

In the XIX century it had been under the Serbian rule, but only for a short period. Turks conquered it in 1385 and they remained in it till 1878. After them stayed the Fortress of Nis on the right bank of the river Nisava, one of the most preserved fortresses on the Balkans, but also the unique monument in the world Skull Tower. A few kilometers from the city is Cegar, a place where a crucial battle for the outcome of the First Serbian Rising against the Turks had been fought in 1809. Today is also very famous by a famous act of Duke Stevan Sindjelic.

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Popular picnic grounds around Nis are gorge of Jelasnica, waters of Bojana and gorge of Sicevo. Some of the most famous events are International Jazz festiva -  Nisville, Film Festival, Medijana fest, Nisomnia….

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