Rural tourism on Zlatibor

Zlatibor is well known for its hospitability and warm acceptance. Heads of village households receive every tourist as a friend, which makes your stay unforgettable.

Gostilje is situated on the mountain slope, 30 km from the center of Zlatibor. Its unique attraction is a 20 m high waterfall and there is a picturesque natural environment. There are 70 beds in private accommodation.

Ljubis is situated 25 km from the centre of Zlatibor. There are 30 beds on private accommodation.

Semegnjevo is situated on 1,000 m above sea level, There are plenty of forest paths that are ideal for mountain biking. There are some rooms for tourists in private lodging.

Mackat (Mačkat) is a village famous for its exquisite cuisine. Smoke ham from Mackat is a top quality and it is a brand of Zlatibor. Manifestation “Prsutijada” (smoked ham) is held every winter in January. Mackat is located 16 km from centre of Zlatibor. There are more than 20 beds for guests in private apartments.

Sirogojno village is famous for its outdoor museum “Old village” and its women knitters. It is located 26 km from Zlatibor and has 25 beds in village households.


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