Serbian Rivers

Serbia is rich with all kinds of rivers. There are small and fast, emerald green mountain rivers, and big and slow plain rivers, like Danube, which is large as the sea near Golubac fort... All kind of water sports can be practiced: diving off platforms, sailing, rafting, kayaking, water skiing etc. On beautiful rivers of Drina, Uvac, Lim and Ibar you can enjoy in rafting. There are organized regional sailing races on some rivers and the international one on Danube. Serbian part of Danube is navigable and sailing on Danube is like sailing through the history because a lot of remains of old civilizations along the river can be seen. There are also some unusual activities that Serbian rivers can offer like watching the white head vulture on Uvac, or looking for gold on Pek or simple take a rest on Gradac, the clearest and the purest river in south-east Europe.


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