National park Djerdap

The National Park Djerdap is situated in the north – east of Serbia, along the international border with Romania. The Park stretches along the right bank of Danube, for about 100 km, from Golubac to Karatas near Kladovo, covering a narrow strip of forested hills, which is about 2 – 8 km wide, in altitude range from 50 – 800 meters. The National Park Djerdap is one of the most beautiful national park in Europe, with the oldest geological history. It is also place where the Danube is at its deepest (90 m)  and the narrowest (150 m).

Many different civilisations have been present in the area of Djerdap, leaving permanent imprints behind them. As early as early Neolithic, about 8000 years ago, on the banks of Danube thrived an impressive culture of prehistoric man which lasted for a couple of centuries – situated at the site of Lepenski Vir. In Roman times, the area of Djerdap was the bordering area. The outer border was Danube, so that numerous Roman fortifications, ettlments and castles were built on the right bank of the river, the remains of which are stil being discovered and researched.

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