Until the time when people have mastered the art of construction, the safest human habitations were caves. They were natural protection from beasts, weather and other human tribes. The importance of caves for survival is confirmed by the carbonized bones that have been found in various caves. One example is Kadjenica in Ovcar-Kablar canyon, the hiding place and refugee shelter of people who died when Turks did set fire on the entrance.

Serbia Travel - cavesThe longest cave is Lazareva cave, near the city Bor, over 9000 meters long, then Usac cave system of halls and corridors (6185 m) and Cerjanska cave near Nis - 6025 m long. Although there are many caves in Serbia, and especially in eastern Serbia, only few caves are open for the tourists.

Whether you are tourists or you look for adventures in order to experience something new like „The voyage to the center of the earth" the experience will be unforgettable.


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