Zlatar Mountain

The oasis of health - Zlatar, represents one of the most beautiful mountains in Serbia. It is situated near Nova Varos, between Lim and Uvac rivers. The highest mountain top is 1627 m high. Numerous protected plant and animal species prevail here due to the fact of being in a healthy environment. Zlatar is also famous for its extremely clean air, so it is also an aerial spa. Its climate positively influences in treatment of heart diseases, dis-balanced artery pressure, general weak condition, and both problems with blood deficency and blood stream. The treatment is done in a specialized hospital for rehabilitation - " Zlatar".

Besides the very spa, there are also three artificial lakes : Sjenicko, Zlatarsko and Radoinjsko, caves, Mileseva monastery ( the only monastery with the frescoe of The White Angel in the world ).

Belgrade 280 km

Planina Zlatar



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