Waterfall Gostilje

One of the most popular tourist attractions of Zlatibor is 20 m high waterfall on Gostilje River. According to the legends fairies can be found in the maelstroms of this river. The waterfall is placed in the heart of idyllic nature near Gostilje village. The name of the village is due to the well-known hospitality of its habitants and in its core is situated a spring of mineral water that is now the brand of Zlatibor – Zlatibor water.

Waterfal Gostilje Zlatibor

Waterfal Gostilje

Waterfal Gostilje Zlatibor

Waterfal Gostilje Zlatibor

Gostilje Zlatibor

There are several houses where those who enjoy the nature can find accommodation. The village is 20 km away from the centre of Zlatibor and tourists can go there by themselves by car or can join organized excursions. Indications for the water establishment “Zlatibor” can puzzle, because they appoint only the logo and the name Zlatibor, and it happens that tourists searching for the centre end up in front of the establishment gates.

Near the waterfall there is a restaurant in which you can eat a trout.


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