West Serbia

The characteristic of west Serbia is moody, hot-tempered and legendary river Drina. It is a really slow and plain river, which after all Travel to West Serbiathe windings through the mountains on its upper course deserves to rest. Next to Drina, near Loznica is Trsic, a village with buildings from the beginning of the XIX century. Drina river with a lake Zvornik has become a symbol of tourism in Serbia. In the area of Ljubovija ethno villages have already been built. About the heroic history of west Serbia many monuments remind us – battles at Misar(Mišar), Cer, near Valjevo

In the second week of June, a popular "Regatta on Drina" is held.Besides sports on water, mountaineers are recommended to visit Bobija mountain(1272 m) and a gorge of Tresnjica(Trešnjica). In this area, there are also 3 spas, good for people who have problems with rheumatism.

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