The antique settlement Mediana, the largest in area, is situated near the ancient city of Naissus (today's Nis), some 5 km from it .It was mentioned only twice in historic documents .It was for the first time in 364 when brothers and tsars – Valentine and Valence – spent some time in it. Porkpie mentioned it for the second time where he had stated that an army settlement in Mediana had been erected.


There is no material evidence that the settlement had existed before the end of the third century. The first villas had been built at the end of the third century, while the flourishing was continued in the fourth century, probably tsar Constantine had given the contribution having been born in Naissus. Since it had not been fortified , the settlement was demolished a few times especially in 441 by Huns and in 471 when Naissus had been conquered by Goths. Although Byzantine had partially rebuilt the settlement and had built the fortification, Mediana was ruined by the Slavs from 578-579. After that, the life in the settlement had died for a few centuries.


Researching the settlement a great number of mosaics had been found which can’t be seen since they are covered with sand in order not to decay. By photographing the terrain, it has been established that Mediana stretches on the area of 40 km. The only part, which can be visited, is that which can be seen on the photos, so Mediana is not worth seeing now being in the state it is at present.


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