Ribarska Banja Spa

Ribarska Banja spa is placed in central Serbia at the slopes of the Veliki Jastrebac mountain. There are open and closed swimming pools with medical mineral water, and wellness center with traditional health food. Excursions to the Ljubostinja monastery, St. Roman and Pokrov Presvete Bogorodice, in Djunis are regularly organized. There is a rich cultural and artistic program: theater plays, popular and ethno music festivals, art exhibitions and colonies, traditional food festivals, old crafts festivals.

Medical indications: states after bone breaks and bone surgery, spine deformities, joint contractions, post-traumatic and post-operative pareses, pareses of nerves, hemiparesis.
Treatment is provided by the Special hospital "Ribarska Banja".

Ribarska Banja - Belgrade 222 km
Ribarska Banja - Nis 72 km
Ribarska Banja - Krusevac 35 km


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