Potpecka cave


Potpecka cave is positioned near Užice in the village of Potpeće. The cave is the origin of two springs that put together 2 km long river Petnica. Cave opening is a sort of nature miracle. It is 50 m high, 12 m width and is one of the largest cave entrances on Balkan. Temperature in the cave is 9°C. Explored length of the cave is 555 m


Pecine u Srbiji


Potpecka pecina


Serbian caves



There have been found some engraved crosses covered with calcites. It takes a lot of time to form calcite crust, thus it is considered that Serbs had used Potpeća cave as a hideout during the Ottoman occupation. In support of the theory some human bones have been discovered also.

Cave is open to the visitors. Potpeća is located on the road Belgrade - Adriatic Sea, Užice – Požega.


Užice 14 km
Požega 12 km
Belgrade188 km


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