Niska Banja

Niska Banja ( Niška Banja) – The Spa of Nis has always been one cosy, pleasent and healthy place for relaxing, summer holidays, sightseeing and medical treatments.

Niska Banja is not only a spa but also a place for one active vacation, field with various sport activities. Football terrain, concrete terrain for other types of football, tennis terrains, sports hall and cavalry menage, the trim track. Nis value is surrounded by mountain chains so it is ideal for paragliding. Mountain – alpine club from Nis made in Jelasnica Gorge mountain up – track on the natural rock with attested equipment where supervised climbing in directions is possible.

Niska Banja heals coronary and blood vessels diseases, increased blood pressure and rheumatic disorders. It also offers the treatment of orthopedic injuries, body weight control, anti – celluliter treatments and postoperative rehabilitation.
There is closed thermal pool in Radon hotel.

Accomodation: hotels, private rooms.

Niska Banja is situated at 10 km from Nis in the bottom of Suva Planina mountain.


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