Davidovica Monastery

Davidovica monastery is an endowment of Dmitar Nemanjic (a grandson of Stevan Nemanja). There are not so many historic data on Dmitar Nemanjic. It is a well-known fact that he had become a monk and took the name David. The monastery got its name after him. His grandson Vratko (known as Jug Bogdan from Serbian folk literature) is a father of Duchess Milica. On one tombstone in a churchyard, there is an inscription that Vratko had been buried there. Although there is no solid evidence, it is supposed that Dmitar also rests in Davidovica. The historic facts say that Jug Bogdan had a court in this part since many inhabitants in this area have Bogdanovic as a second name. According to tradition, they have been the ancestors of Jug Bogdan. During the archeological research a large number of skulls without skeletons had been found and many believe they belonged to Jugovic brothers.

It is situated on the slopes of Jadovik, a few kilometers from Brodarevo (road Prijepolje - Podgorica).

Manastir Davidovica

Manastir Davidovica

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