Banja Rusanda

Banja Rusanda (Rusanda Spa) is is a health resort in Banat (North Serbia), located on the coast of Rusanda lake in the municipality of Zrenjanin. The specific characteristic of the spa is thermal water from a well, with a temperature of 32 degrees Celsius.

Rusanda Spa is situated on flat terrain, surrounded by a lake, vineyards, a large green park area and woods. Close to the spa there are a motel and football pitches, tennis and sports courts. Excursions to city of Becej, Carska bara (nature reserve) and Ecka (rich hunting and fishing preserves) can be organized directly from the spa.

You can reach the Rusanda Spa by the Belgrade - Zrenjanin - Kikinda or Novi Sad - Kikinda highways.

Medical indications

Diseases and injuries of the central and peripheral nervous systems (pareses and paralyses), inflammatory rheumatsim in early stages, degenerative rheumatism (spondylitis and arthrosis), discopathy and lumbal sciatica, extra-articular and metabolic rheumatism, consequences of traumas and bone breaks as well as surgical interventions on the bone and articular systems, gynecological illnesses, skin diseases (psoriasis, chronic eczema, acne, etc.).


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