The village Orasac (Serbian: Орашац) is best known as the starting point of the First Serbian Uprising. It is situated in near Arandjelovac city.

The First Serbian Uprising(1804-1813) was the first stage of the Serbian revolution, during which Serbia perceived itself as an independent state for the first time after 400 years of Ottoman occupation.


Museum Orasac Serbia


Museum Orasac Serbia

Serb leaders began to conspire about starting an uprising against the dahias – Turkish leaders. When the dahias found out about this, they captured and killed many of the Serbian leaders in an event known today as "Seča knezova" (Massacre of Serbian knights). This action by the dahias incited the uprising, as it angered the people and the leaders had nothing to lose.







On February 14, 1804, in the Orasac, the Serbs gathered and decided to undertake an uprising. That afternoon, a Turkish inn in Orasac was burned and its residents fled or were killed.

Today, at this place, there is museum dedicated to the First Serbian Uprising and monument on the place where uprising started.



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