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Traveling through east Serbia gives you a sensation of traveling through the time. Lepenski Vir is one of the most important sites of prehistoric civilizations. There are also testimonies to the Roman presence in this region. Tabula Traiana and remains of Traian's bridge, Viminacium near Kostolac, palace Felix Romuliana near Zajecar. The fortress of Golubac will take you to the medieval time, and the fortress of Fetislam to the Ottoman epoch. Travel to East Serbia

It is hard to decide if east Serbia is richest with cultural-historic monuments or with natural beauties. The signature of this region is given by Danube with its Djerdap gorge, one of the most beautiful in Europe. Caves are open for tourist visits; Srebrno jezero (Silver Lake) is ideal for hot summer days. And you must not miss to visit the canyon of river Vratna.

In whole, this area is unique with its Vlah's magic, legends, unusual customs like gold washing at Pek river. There are rich houses built in the second half of last century by the population that has immigrated to the Western Europe.


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