Banja Topilo

This relatively small and new Serbian spa was actually discovered accidently. Nevertheless, news of its healing properties spread like wildfire (ironically); the 500 beds offered in private accommodation are more often than not fully occupied throughout the year. The warm mineral water (34 C) at Banja Topilo (Topilo Spa) comes out of some 18 springs, totaling about 10 m/sec pover.

The water is used for therapeutic purposes and helps treat rheumatic diseases and illnesses related with the nervous system. Likewise, patients drink it for chronic stomach disorders, inflammation of the gillbladder, kidneys and urinary track. Banja Topilo sits in the beautiful Toponicka river valley, 25km away from Nis. It is accessible by road, first passing through the villages of Gornja Toponica and Vele Polje.


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