Gorges and canyons



Gorges and canyons have a specific microclimate with insignificant temperature variations. It is believed that under the conditions of climate changes those had been the places where most kinds of species could have survived. There are theories according which, due to many canyons, survived species at the Balkans, had spread throughout Europe. Around these areas, gorges were salvation also for the nations who fleeing from the violence of conquerors. They had found their peace in areas difficult to reach, and there they built monasteries and villages.

Drina canyon is the third in the world in its size, while Djerdapska gorge is one of the most beautiful national parks in Europe. However, only a few adventurers and mountaineers turn off the main road and step into fascinating forests of half - jungle type, and there are many of this kind in east and southeast Serbia (canyon of Lazar near Bor, canyons and gorges of Stara planina Mountain near Pirot, Beli Rzav, Gradac gorge





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