What does holiday in Serbia cost?

In general, travel costs in Serbia are highest in Belgrade and at Serbian mountain resorts ( Kopaonik, Zlatibor); lowest in the small towns of south and eastern Serbia. Except on mountains, travel costs don't depend on season.

The daily travel cost estimates below are per-person, per day, for two people traveling together (sharing a hotel room) and include lodging, three meals, and some transportation:

Budget: E30 to E35, accommodation in family house or apartment with private baths and breakfast included, lunch in average restaurants, drink and traveling by bus or train.

Moderate: E50 to E60, accommodation in 3 - and 4 star hotels, dining in restaurants all the time, riding buses, trains;

Average price for 3 star hotel for 2 person (breakfast included): 55 E

Pizza (in restaurant): 4E
Sandwich: 1 – 3 E
Bear(Serbian): 1,5 E in caffe


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