Serbian Money



The unit of Serbian money is the Dinar. Exchange rate varies about 120 dinars for 1 E.

Travelers checks are not very useful in Serbia, and that you should use them only if you have some special circumstance that requires them. Use your credit card or cash instead. The best currencies to carry for changing to Serbian dinars are, euros (the best) and US dollars.

The most convenient way to get money in Serbia is by using your home bank card or a credit card in a Serbian cash machine.

If you want to exchange cash, plenty of places will do it for you. Currency Exchange Offices (Serbian "Menjacnica") are found in market areas and main streets. They offer better exchange rates than most banks, and mostly not charge a commission (Serbian "provizija").

Banks (Serbian "Banka") have the worst rates, the biggest commissions and the most cumbersome procedures, but  may be useful to exchange currencies less known than Euro and US dollar.



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