Touring Serbia and Balkan with your own private guide is the best way to fully appreciate the richness of Serbian's and Balkan's history, culture and cuisine. Unlike a guidebook, a private guide can give you far more information than can fit in a book and answer to any question that may pop into your head.Without guide, you'll spend too much time on the road and you will not enough enjoy in wonderful destinations.

Depending on preference, some visitors will choose to employ a guide for a day or two (particularly arround Belgrade), and others may choose to have a guide accompany them throughout their entire trip.

As anyone who has ever employed a guide knows, it is not just a guide's knowledge that makes a tour successful, but also his or her personality and sensitivity to your needs and wants.

If you want a private guide for your Serbian tour, how you can find it? You can join to planed tours, or you can make your tour.


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