Plan  itineraries


Many independent travelers enjoy planning their own itineraries. Generally, it is a good job, but often , the itinerary they've planned can be too slow, or can be more enjoyable with a little cost.

We planned many trips for our self and others over Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia. We believe we can fit together the parts of a trip to give you the best experience in the time you have available.

You may spend thousand of  Euro on your trip. If the itinerary is not just what you want, half of that money may be wasted, together with your travel time. We can help you save both: money and time.

Here's a money-saving tip: look over our  itineraries for one that suits your interests and needs, and start your planning using it as a basis. Modify it as you like, then we can refine it further by mail. Click here to contact us.

Unfortunately, at the moment we can organize tour only at Friday, Saturday and Monday, from Novi Sad and Belgrade.

We recommend you to send us an email message with the next information:
- Number of travelers, and an idea of your party's character: couple? Family?Single woman? etc
- Your tentative schedule (and itinerary, if you have one): dates or time of year, length of time in Serbia, etc.
- Your travel preferences (budget, moderate, luxury), likes, dislikes and interests (archeology,nature,  art, cuisine, culture, outdoor activities etc)




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